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Happy 2017!


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Is 2017 the year you will finally make a change in your health for good?

If so YOU will not want to miss Kendra’s FREE workshop on January 25th where she will debunk the most common myths she helps patients overcome to reclaim their health and their weight in 2017. 

In order to come you must sign up through this Facebook event OR in the office! 

1) Why ‘eat less, move more’ is that worst advice a health coach can give you.
2) The 3 most common mistakes Kendra sees when working with patients and how to fix them before its too late. 
3) The foods you need to ADD for health and the ones you must SUBTRACT immediately.
4) The tests EVERYONE needs to accurately assess their health in 2017.
5) The key questions you need to ask before you start an online program, hire a health coach OR have just anyone put you on a “diet”.

Only those who attend the workshop can sign up for our February Clean Eating Challenge!

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