We value our patients’ experience at Merrimack Valley Wellness Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Brothers Michael & Will tell us what it’s like to be Dr. Ryan’s patients!  

Jim explains how the 8WW program has improved his health.

Chris tells his success story at MVWC.

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Sarah explains her experience at MV Wellness Center.

Lauren talks about how MVWC improved her overall health.

Katie explains her experience with MV Wellness Center.

Chris explains the benefits of having Dr. Ryan.

Beth, a skeptic at first, talks about her positive experience with MVWC.

I came to see Dr. Ryan because I was on the verge of having discectomy surgery on my L5/S1. I was suffering from sciatic pain down my right side. At my initial meeting with Dr. Ryan, I was a bit skeptical, but after a few weeks I felt so much improvement. The conservative approach has been a long path, but I am almost back to 100% and I feel great! Dr. Ryan has been with me every step of the way and has helped me get back into prime form. The pain I suffered before coming here was relentless, but the progress I have made there is lifelong. I would recommend Dr. Ryan to anyone that is in need of chiropractic services.
Jarod W. Weymouth, MA

Chris brings himself and his son to MVWC. Watch to learn more.

My care at MVWC has been great! Flexible hours have really helped with my schedule. Dr Ryan and staff have been very friendly and take my health very seriously. When I first started my back/neck pain was constant, without relief. Today my pain is at least 95% better than the day I started. I like MVWC because it is not just an ordinary chiropractic practice. Dr. Ryan is a former athlete like myself and cares a lot about my general health not just my back/neck. I’ve realized that chiropractic care is not just for my back but my all around health. I cannot thank Dr. Ryan and his staff enough for what they have done for my health.
Ryan W. Dorchester, MA

Barbara talks about the value and positive results she’s had at the center.

I have had chronic back pain and migraines for years. I’ve tried every medication and procedure out there, including botox and spinal injections – all with no results. I wanted to try a natural and healthy approach to pain relief. I have had a positive response to chiropractic care. My posture was improved, migraines reduced, and we are continuing to work on my back pain.

I would encourage everyone to try chiropractic. It could have an amazing impact on your life and it’s risk free. Don’t you owe it to yourself to take care of the only body you have?

Elaine G. Lowell, MA

Christina talk about coming to the center with a history of issues and her care during pregnancy.

Six years ago I had back surgery where my L5 disk was removed. I have always been very active working out at least five days a week. Stress form my former employment and long hours started to take its toll. The pain of just putting my feet on the floor in the morning was excruciating. I knew something had to change, however going to a chiropractic did not seem like an option since I was actually afraid that it might make matters worse.

As a VP of business development in banking, my customers mean the world to me and I have had a great experience at their office and really feel I am not just a patient, but family. Now, I am participating in Kendra’s weight loss program and I have learned so much about my body that I did not know despite the fact that I have been on weight watchers program off and on throughout my life. I feel so much better and I cant wait to see the continued results! Thank you for all you have done for me! Therese L. Andover, MA

Dan, a patient, share his story and why you should consider the care at MVWC.

I have been a patient of MVWC for the past year now and I can’t speak highly enough about the level of care I have received under his watch. Let me just say that honestly, the results speak for themselves. I have also attended many of the workshops they provide on a regular basis. I promise you will get much benefit out of it and you will have no choice, but to spread the word to family and friends about what you have learned. John L. Revere, MA

Sarah tells her experience with MVWC and how it has changed her life.

When Dr. Ryan and Kendra opened their office it was a no-brainer that I should become a patient. Dr. Ryan is an awesome resource in the areas of sports training, nutrition, rest and recovery. He is an attentive chiropractor with an individualized approach and brings positive energy to his office with incredible wellness education and lifestyle advice. I have already seen great improvements in my health and posture and I look forward to even better health and wellness in the future thanks to Merrimack Valley Wellness Center. Vlad D. PhD Stoneham, MA

Ruth speaks to her healing experience at MVWC!

At 23 years old, I felt horrible. I was unhealthy and immobile. I had no idea what was going on in my body, but I was in constant pain and discomfort. Laying down, sitting, walking, turning my head, driving…EVERYTHING was uncomfortable. I had a constant throbbing in my lower back and down my right side all the way to my ankle. Sneezing, coughing and any sudden movement shot extreme pain down my leg, and no matter what kind of anti-inflammatory and pain medication I took, nothing provided any relief. I had done a little research and believed I had Sciatica, but didn’t know how to get better. I was at my wits end. Many nights, I found myself laying on the floor, crying…because I didn’t know what else to do. I had no idea what seeing a chiropractor entailed, but I felt that it was my only sensible option. A chiropractor understands the spine, so if my spine was the cause, he should be able to help me. I went out on a limb, and looked on Groupon. I found a deal for a chiropractor in my area, and bought it right away, in May 2013. In a few days, I found myself in Merrimack Valley Wellness Center meeting with Dr. Ryan Hewitt, expressing to him my situation, which felt hopeless. He listened to me as I broke down in tears over my discomfort, and was compassionate and understanding. His sincerity assured me he really cared. I expressed my concern and symptoms, and he explained to me that this was not uncommon to see, however it wasn’t often seen so progressed in a person my age. When I returned for my report of findings, Dr. Ryan was able to show me the cause of my Sciatica through my xrays and other tests, and showed how much it was affecting my posture as my weight had shifted drastically to relieve the Sciatic pain. He gave me hope, that with his help, I could heal and regain the life I had lost over the past months. I began coming for regular adjustments, and using strength exercises and natural supplements to help my healing process. It took time. I didn’t have instant results, but I was reassured that with Dr. Ryan’s help my body could heal itself. Slowly, I began to see gradual results. My mobility came back, the pain diminished and I began to regain strength in my leg. Today, I am able to live life fully! I have taken lots of steps to change my life for the better. I have learned so much regarding nutrition and making healthy food choices, daily necessary supplements, and now realize the excitement in being mobile and having the ability to be active without pain! It is absolutely amazing to realize how drastically my life has change since I walked through the doors of MVWC. I have a great appreciation for Dr. Ryan and Kendra’s positive influence, and the value of Chiropractic care in my life!!! Britney N. Haverhill, MA


It’s crazy what I was tolerating before I came to see Dr. Ryan. On a daily basis, I was twisting my back to get comfortable and turning my neck every which way to feel a little better. I had headaches and slouched. It’s silly what I thought was ok; to be in pain and uncomfortable. After a few adjustments, I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt – I was walking tall, pain-free and with no more headaches! Now, I am like a walking advertisement! Not only do I have my own personal problems that have gotten better, if not resolved, but there are so many more issues that can be relieved if not cured by the proper chiropractic care. I would highly recommend Dr. Ryan Hewitt and his team. Bonus: Their smiling friendly faces are always a pleasure to see! -Monica L. North Andover, MA Walking tall and pain-free for 10 awesome months!