Meet the Team

My name is Dr. Ryan Hewitt and I am the clinic director and co-owner of Merrimack Valley Wellness Center.  My wife Kendra and I opened our doors for business in North Andover in late 2010, and have been caring for people in the surrounding communities ever since. I have had so much joy helping families get well, children grow up strong, and athletes perform at their best through natural chiropractic care.

Being an athlete myself I’ve had my share of injuries and health issues throughout my life, but it was after a spine injury while playing hockey in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba that I thankfully found chiropractic. My life was changed forever for the better, and I have made it my mission to help others through the chiropractic lifestyle that has given me so much.

A wise person once told me to find someone who is doing what it is that you would like to be doing, and copy them. And that is exactly what I did when I ended up in Massachusetts in 2008 after finishing Chiropractic College in Minnesota.  I decided to take an internship at one of the leading wellness-clinics in the country located in near-by Beverly, MA called Franson Family Chiropractic.  During my time as an associate Dr. in Beverly I met my beautiful and very talented wife Kendra and decided to settle our roots here in Massachusetts.

I am a health nut, and do my best to lead by example….but I am also passionate about teaching. I love to teach about how to live a lifestyle the way we were designed to live despite our unnatural world these days. I am passionate about teaching movement, paleo-oriented nutrition and lifestyle in my office and in the community.

I am also a competitive crossfitter and have been competing in the sport of crossfit since 2009. One of my greatest moments was being able to compete in Carson California at the Reebok Crossfit Games as a team competitor representing Crossfit Route 1.  What made it even more special is that I was able to compete along side my wife Kendra and some of our best friends. When I’m not trying to help save lives at MVWC or crush a crossfit workout you can find me on an outdoor adventure, fishing, hiking, taking my dog Daisy for a run, or spending quality time with my wife and friends. 

Kendra is co- founder with Dr. Ryan of MVWC. Chiropractic and living the wellness lifestyle changed Kendra’s life so much that she decided it was a necessity to marry her chiropractor. Not one to keep secrets well, she wanted to share Dr. Ryan with the world along with the healthy lifestyle strategies they live daily so others can live their healthiest life possible. Kendra has worked every position in the practice with the exception of adjusting. She fears that if she tried to adjust someone they would be out of business very quickly. Instead she prefers to use her business and marketing expertise and is in charge of lead generation for new patients and managing the bottom line at MVWC.

 I love helping others and I love being a local business owner. In a world of big box stores and not so healthy options, I wake up happy knowing that MVWC is a real solution to both our health and economic challenges that we are plaqued by in our society today, not just a band-aid. My greatest joy is reading the success stories of all the awesome patients that get to experience the quality of chiropractic and real “health care” we deliver at MVWC. I love that we have created a place where you can find safe and natural approach to improving the health of our community. Not everyone knows WHY they need an awesome chiropractor on their health team, but everyone knows they need to take their kids to the dentist to get their teeth checked and cleaned. I love the challenge of teaching others that getting their spine checked and having a chiropractor on their health team is a necessary component in my opinion of living a wellness lifestyle and expressing optimal health.

I love to read, ride horses, do crossfit and practice hot yoga in my limited spare time as a business owner. MVWC is not my only business as recently I have started coaching Doctors on how to run successful practices instead of it running them. I spend most of my spare time at the end of the day looking up healthy recipes and cooking for Dr. Ryan which is comparable to feeding a family of four. We don’t have kids yet, but we do have a dog named Daisy that you will meet at the office when you come in who I love dearly. I love to take her for long walks and for swims in the lake. Dr. Ryan and I love to travel around all of the awesome spots New England has to offer such as Maine, Portsmouth and Newburyport. In the future we hope to buy a cabin on a lake in Maine so we can have a place to escape to relax, renew and create. 

My position in the office is to communicate closely with our patients – to help serve & transform their lives through chiropractic care which we offer here at MVWC. My role is to keep on top of their scheduling as well as their wellness plans & payment info. Also, to accommodate and assist the doctors as and when required.

What I love most about my position is the interaction I have with our patients – getting to know them and helping give them the opportunity to experience the amazing type of chiropractic care we offer in our office. And as a result, seeing their progress. I feel honored to be part of such an amazing team. My whole family is under care and I would thoroughly recommend and encourage anyone else who is looking to live a more healthy life by getting checked and getting regularly adjusted.
In my free time I love to paint, read and work out. My paintings are mainly in oils and acrylics and are influenced by my upbringing in the UK and my vacations overseas. I also love to go out to dinner with my family and friends and to explore new restaurants in and around Massachusetts.

It is a great feeling to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work! I absolutely love working at MVWC not only because health is a huge part of my life but also because Kendra and Ryan are two of the most caring and motivated people, committed to helping others achieve optimal health and wellness. I am proud to be the newest member of the team and enjoy seeing and building relationships with all of our wonderful patients!

 I aim to create a fun, positive, non-judgmental environment for our patients to help cultivate a love of health , maintain their current health or completely regain it all together. I Love my position as the front desk coordinator in the morning where I assist Dr. Ryan in accommodating patients in any way I can. I seek to be a positive and energetic influence to everyone who walks into the office so it becomes one of the highlights of the day! 

In my spare time you can usually find me hiking in the mountains or enjoying the sun and waves at the beach. I love to be outside enjoying nature, teaching yoga and spending as much time as possible with friends and family! 

I am the C.H.O. (Chief Happiness Officer) at MVWC. My job as C.H.O is to greet all of our awesome patients. I even have a few select favorites that get a HOWL when they arrive. I was adopted from Northeast Animal Shelter and just turned three. I am a Catahoula leopard dog and I am crossed with a basset hound hence my long body and deep howl that I often announce my arrival at the practice with. 

What I love most about my job is seeing all the patients. Something you should know about me is that I actually prefer people over dogs. Rumor has it to solve this only child dilemma my parents are looking for a brother for me. I also live the wellness lifestyle we teach at MVWC. I exercise daily, eat an all raw paleo diet, take my fish oil everyday AND I sleep a lot to recover from my grueling schedule at the office. In fact, I have gone to the office since the first day my parents picked me up. Often during lunch breaks you find me in a meeting with the head honcho. Being required to catch some zzzz’s with him during lunch is a hard job, but someone has to do it as he does not sleep well alone.

Some of the things I don’t particularly like are UPS guys, Fed ex is fine, UPS no way jose. I love kids, but not ones that pull to hard on my ears or my tail, driving on the highway over the speed of 60 MPH and fireworks. Some of my favorite things are obviously belly rubs from patients, long walks on the beach, swims at the lake and stalking my neighbors outdoor cats, squirrels in my yard or my pet bunny rabbit that lives in the bushes around the corner from the office. I know its not paleo, but I also really like cheesecake as a treat. I have a boyfriend named Dexter who is a basset hound crossed with a lab. We love to wrestle AND eat cheesecake at times together. I do get a little offended when he tries to steal mine though.