Your Best ‘Shot’ at Avoiding the Cold and Flu This Season  


  ​​Let’s get this out of the way first. No, your best protection might not be the flu shot. The CDC consistently reports less than 50% success rate annually. It is literally a shot in the dark when you get a flu shot and there are no long-term studies that show absolute safety and efficacy. […]

Get Off the Iceberg: Covering Up Illness or Curing It

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Have you ever wondered why so many people are struggling with chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, pain syndromes, digestive disorders, etc.?  Have you been sold the idea that this is “normal” and that our health and our bodies are prone to failure?   Have you been taught that humans are designed to genetically express disease and dysfunction that require drugs […]

Core 4 Functional Movements for Physical Health Continued.

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Welcome back to the Core 4!  When putting together an exercise plan there are thousands of exercises and pieces of equipment to choose from.  The variety tends to be overwhelming for most people especially those who do not have much exposure to functional exercise. I am a big proponent of teaching people how to move well, […]

The Difference Between Functional Movement and Corrective Exercise

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Let’s clear up some confusion between these two buzz words.  Functional Movement: Think of functional movement as being the equivalent to nutritious whole foods in your diet.  They represent training a variety of movements and not just individual muscle groups.  Typically, these movements are replicating some sort of real-world type of scenario like a pull, […]

Got Tight Hips? Stop Stretching And Foam Rolling And Do This Instead

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Do you sit for more than 4 total hours per day? Do you perform full body exercises (squat, lift, pull, push, run) less than 3 days per week? Do you have chronic back or knee pain? Do you have poor squat mobility (chest forward, up in your toes, knees inwards)? If you answered yes to […]