Get Off the Iceberg: Covering Up Illness or Curing It

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Have you ever wondered why so many people are struggling with chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, pain syndromes, digestive disorders, etc.?  Have you been sold the idea that this is “normal” and that our health and our bodies are prone to failure?   Have you been taught that humans are designed to genetically express disease and dysfunction that require drugs […]

Core 4 Functional Movements for Physical Health Continued.

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Welcome back to the Core 4!  When putting together an exercise plan there are thousands of exercises and pieces of equipment to choose from.  The variety tends to be overwhelming for most people especially those who do not have much exposure to functional exercise. I am a big proponent of teaching people how to move well, […]

The Energy Paradox: How To Improve Your Capacity to Workout


The literal definition of energy is the capacity to do work. Note the two key words in that sentence: Capacity and Work. Work is your ability to be productive. Whether that means to be productive physically or mentally. Capacity is the amount of power to do, experience, or understand something.   If you find yourself […]

The Deadly Quartet: Is Your Health A Ticking Time bomb?


The following 4 risk factors are known as the deadly quartet: Upper body obesity Glucose intolerance or chronic elevated blood sugar Hypertriglyceridemia or elevated blood fats Hypertension or high blood pressure  Why does this matter?  If you have any of these risk factors this can lead to bad news for your long-term health. Two of […]

3 Ways To Improve Thyroid Function

If you want BOOST your metabolism naturally, burn through stubborn fat and improve your overall health, then meet the only gland you need to understand for better hormone function: The Thyroid. Many people have heard about the thyroid gland, but few can really grasp its importance of your “master metabolism” gland until there is an […]