Easy Ways to Prevent Poor Posture [AKA Humping in Public]


Have you ever been caught humping in public? “Humping” or what is sometimes called “turtle necking” is one of the most common devastating postures that I catch people doing all the time. If you’re looking at your phone or computer screen reading this blog, I bet you’re doing it right now! Turtle necking is when […]

Find The Solution To Your Low Back Problems Part 4: Change Your Health


The last step in getting your lower back bullet-proof is to step up your health.  By making positive shifts in your health you will begin to speed healing, boost your immune system, improve recovery, and lower inflammation and pain.  Let’s talk about the 5 most critical things you can start doing TODAY to support the […]

Find The Solution To Your Low Back Problems Part 3: Change Your Habits


Bad habits create movement problems.  Movement problems cause breakdown and back pain.  The absolute worst habit for your low back is sitting. I know, we talked about this already. But even worse than sitting is sitting with bad posture. Let’s be realistic, sitting these days is inevitable. But even if you’re alternating sitting and standing, […]

Find The Solution To Your Low Back Problems Part 2: Change Your Movement


  Change Your Movement  Continuing my 3-part series on strengthening your low back, next is up changing your movement. Most lower back problems stem from mechanical or movement dysfunction. This means that at some point the healthy movement in your lower back became compromised. Usually from either not enough movement, or the wrong kinds of movement. […]