Why My Disc Herniation Was the Best Thing that Happened to Me as a Clinician


How does the saying go? Do as I say, and not as I do…. Right? Something that I have always taken pride in is that I always practiced what I preach. Eat well, move well, think well, sleep and recover well.  Or so I thought…. It all started in 2011 doing heavy deadlifts on the […]

5 Reasons Why Every CrossFitter Needs A Chiropractor in 2017


Whether you’re a beginner to CrossFit, a weekly box-goer, master’s athlete, or top-level competitor, the chances are very strong that chiropractic can help you.  In fact, I am yet to check someone who is a CrossFit athlete who didn’t need help!  Here are my top 5 reasons that ALL crossfitters need a great chiropractor:  Correcting […]

3 Major Post-Workout Nutrition Tips for 2017


I should say first and foremost that I don’t believe in one size fits all recommendations. I do think that there are certain principles that apply to most people, but certainly there aren’t perfect recommendations.  The most important thing is that you experiment and educate yourself on what works for you and your specific goals. […]

The Deadly Quartet: Is Your Health A Ticking Time bomb?


The following 4 risk factors are known as the deadly quartet: Upper body obesity Glucose intolerance or chronic elevated blood sugar Hypertriglyceridemia or elevated blood fats Hypertension or high blood pressure  Why does this matter?  If you have any of these risk factors this can lead to bad news for your long-term health. Two of […]

5 Mobility Tools That Will Change Your Life (And Your Back)


As a movement professional, former competitive hockey and CrossFit athlete, and avid seeker of my physical limits, I have learned many things about the human body – mostly the hard way!  And now at the ripe old age of 37 I’ve accumulated a couple of lower back disc injuries, complete ligament tears, meniscus surgeries, and […]