Health History Forms

New Patient Health History Form

Thank you for taking the time to fill out your new patient intake form so that we can make your visit to our office as smooth as possible. This is especially helpful for the doctor, as he can take the time to thoroughly review your information before your initial visit. 

Please note:

  • No alcohol within 24 hours
  • No exercise for 4 hours
  • Avoid caffeine or food for 4 hours
  • Consume 2-4 glasses of water within 2 hours

Please read each section carefully and complete prior to your exam.

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Nutrition History Form

It is important for all nutrition clients to receive the best coaching possible. This is made easy by completing the Nutrition Health History Form. Once completed, our health coaches are able to better understand what challenges you face, and better be prepared to help you achieve your health goals!

Download & Print Nutrition Health History Form